Dansk Jernbane-Klub (DJK)

Danish Railway-Club Vintage Railways

Djurslands Jernbanemuseum
Djurslands Railway Museum
Museumsvej 2, 8550 Ryomgård.
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Since 1962, the Museumrailway Maribo-Bandholm on the island Lolland has operated trains hauled by the oldest operational steam locomotive in Denmark. The engine was built in 1879. The line of cars represent the time period from 1869 to 1930. The rail line on which MBJ runs its trains was inaugurated in 1869 and is the oldest private railway in Denmark.
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Mariager-Handest Vintage Railway
on the east coast of Jutland opened in 1970.
MHVJ is operating both steam and diesel hauled trains from the period between 1909 and 1949.
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Limfjordsbanen (The Limfjord Railway) is operated by the northem Jutland Section of Danish Railway-Club. Trains are operated on the 17.3 km long freight line from Aalborg Central Station to the port of Greenland on the eastern outskirts of Aalborg. The trains hauled by the steam locomotive FFJ 34 or retired diesel locomotives from Skagen consist of older two axle cars from different private railways. In addition to that, the oldest railcar in Denmark sometimes hits the rails around Aalborg. You will find LFB in the old round-house that used to be the home of APB, former Aalborg Private Railways.
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Vestsjællands Veterantog.
West Zealand vintage train is operating on several routes during the sommer. The West Zealand vintage train is also operating excursion trains on most rail lines in Zealand. Anyone who wants can rent a train in connection with weddings, town festivals or what ever the occasion might be. The trains will be hauled by a steam loco from 1899 and a dining car is coupled to the train.
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West Zealand vintage train Steam loco DSB K 564                  
Narrow gauge railroads.
At Bloustrød in northern Zealand, Danish Railway Club has gathered all its rolling stock from brickyard and sugar beet railways lines. Hopefully you will soon be able to ride narrow gauge trains on a track still under constriction.
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MY veterantog
A group of diesel fans has decided to preserve a GM locomotive and some InterCity passenger cars soon due for retirement from DSB. So far, the group has acquired two combined cars. The group plans to run excursion trains all over Denmark.
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Vintage Railway West
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